Jason Newsome, CFP®, CLU®, CLTC®

Financial Advisor

My Mission

"To pursue God in all I do by passionately challenging each person I meet to create a successful financial program that will provide them and their families’ a life time of financial security."

Jason Newsome Welcomes You

Jason Newsome and his team understand that success begins and ends with addressing the needs of clients. In a search for continual improvement we work together to provide a long-term personal and professional relationship committed to the financial well being of our clients and our community.

For many business owners and busy professionals, there’s little time left after career and family to deal with personal finances. Unfortunately, being too busy can be costly.

Perhaps you’ve saved some money, bought some life insurance or invested in the market.  But have you taken the time to examine your current financial situation to ensure that you are on track to meet your long-term financial goals?

That’s where I can help. Whether you are concerned about your own financial situation or that of your family or your business, I can help you identify your financial planning needs, and then address those needs by blending a wide range of insurance and investment products


Guidance for Family

The one thing we know about life is that it is ever changing. These changes can come in the way of a new home, marriage, or the birth of a child, however some changes can be unexpected, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or a long term illness. Whatever the changes are, you have to "Be Prepared". Jason Newsome and his team work endlessly to create a plan that will help you navigate the constant changes life can bring.  We establish “Safety Nets” to allow your progress towards your financial goals to continue while allowing for flexibility for whatever life may bring.

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Focusing on Retirement

It’s no longer just about accumulating a retirement nest egg, but also about having a plan that optimizes your retirement income to provide you with reliable income throughout your life, regardless of how long you live.

Jason Newsome takes a different approach to retirement planning. Rather than simply looking at income needs, Jason comprehensively looks at your life circumstances—adapting to changes that may occur in your life personally and professionally as well as the world around you—to help you develop and achieve your retirement goals.

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Guidance for Business Owners? 

Business Markets Stratey mapMost successful businesses are born with an idea and grow with hard work. It takes foresight and a comprehensive plan for these businesses to outlive their founders. No business can be successful without a long-range plan and a strong network of support. When it comes to Risk Management, Business Succession, Key Employee Benefits, Retirement Plans, and your own Personal Needs, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Jason Newsome works with you to create a customized strategy to support and help grow your business while also reaching your personal financial goals.

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